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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 19, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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best alternative energy for us to invest in that people would buy and support and could be affected. we partnered with energy companies. we partnered with private business. now new jersey is the third largest source of solar energy in america. that is helping with our clean energy goals as well. we are now in the process of building three new gas-fired electricity plants. a cleaner burning fossil fuel. available to us is marcellus shale in pennsylvania. it has become less expensive. energy costs have gone down in new jersey 9% because we rely on natural gas. there are ways to reach clean air goals without making us noncomparative. it is going to make us more competitive in jobs where energy is a cost bribery we reached our
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clean air quotas. -- in jobs where energy is a cost. we reached our clean air quotas. thisemocratic solution to problem is cap and trade, taxed more about more investment in failed clean energy alternatives. let's invest in the ones we know work, and solar is one we know that works. wind works on land. been visiting,ve iowa. there are a lot of windmills in iowa. you could not put a window in new jersey. we are the most densely populated state in america. we have a .9 million people in a state about that big. you put one of those windmills up in new jersey -- we have 8.9 million people in a state about that day. you put one of those one mills up in new jersey and it will be
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a problem. this is a gift from god. we are temporary stewards or this generation and the generation after that. we have to try to get better but i will not do it in a way that puts america at an economic disadvantage because i want you to be able to support her family and do it in a way that is competitive in the rest of the world. that is my feeling on it. [applause] yes, sir. i will give you mine. premise that if this were, say, 1936, and we knew what was going to happen in europe, wouldn't we had done something to stop it? today that is happening through isis. innocent men, women, and children are being butchered. what are you willing to do to stop it? thank you for coming to new boston, the gravity center of the world. [laughter] [applause] you are all going
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to have to explain the gravity center thing to me later. that's all right. i do feel quite tethered to the ground. maybe that is it. [laughter] if i had told you three years ago that we would have a terrorist force that would be beheading christians because of who they believe in, you probably would have told me you wouldn't believe it. but that is what's happening right now. right now. christians across the middle east are being beheaded not for anything they've done, not for any territorial type of incursion they've made, not because of any insult that they have made to islam, but because they are christian, because they believe in jesus christ. they are being beheaded.
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america has to be a leader in the world. if we are the place that puts in its first amendment to the constitution the idea of religious freedom and the provision that the government a religion.tablish we say both not only should you be able to worship god in the way that you see fit, that your soul and conscience lead you to way, youro say by the government has no business of telling you that we have a national religion, either. this is an extraordinary threat. let's think about this. president said isis was the j.v. isis was not on the high-priority list of secretary
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clinton. they all said this was not a big deal. it is a big deal. this is what i would do. we have to learn from what happened in iraq. thati mean from that is america cannot become an occupying force in the middle east. whenever we become an occupying force, we wind up being disrespected and we wind up causing more problems in the region. the first alternative i would pursue is this -- the jordanians, who had a pilot burned alive in a cage, believe me, they want to take care of isis. the egyptians, the saudi's, and the emma roddy's. they want to take care of isis and they are in the neighborhood. we need to provide leadership. we will arm you with the most sophisticated weaponry we can't give you to take these people on, first off. [applause] second, we need to say we are
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going to train you, and not at the high general level, down to the italian level on how to use lione what -- bata level on how to use these weapons and build the most sophisticated fighting force the world has ever known. asaid -- isis is not nationstate. it is in all places in the middle east. we have to improve our intelligence capability and provide our intelligence to those country so they can find them and kill them. fourth, we need to provide the air power of the united states which is greater than any of those states. soften up those targets so that when those troops move in, they are moving into a soft and target that they can kill. i would want to give them the opportunity to do this first. now, if they could not do it on their own, then we have to go finish the job. if we don't, they are coming
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here. we know that. [applause] ofwill not be my option first resort, but it will be my option of next resort. i think that is what the american people would want. the number one job of the president of the united states is to check the lives and security of the people of the united states. president, whois still does not have a strategy for how to do with isis, and this secretary of state, former secretary of state running to -- running for president who wes she will get back to it, need a leader who says i will have a plan and we will execute the plan. and you know from hearing me talk about these issues that i spent seven years of my life trying to make sure that terrorism did not come back to the united states of america. i did not invest those seven years of my life and the lives
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of the men and women who worked for me in federal law enforcement to give that away to were al qaeda. it is the same organization under a different name that hates america for being america and loving freedom and liberty. first, let's arm our friends, let's train them, let's give them the air cover they need to fight because guess what? they don't want to live under that kind of role either, in any of those countries. if they cannot finish the job, the united states needs to go over and finish the job with strong leadership from a strong commander-in-chief. [applause] yes, sir. right there. coming up behind you. >> gov. christie: good afternoon. gov. christie:thank you, sir. >> i think one of the things that would make america great would be to bring back jobs in this country. a lot of people today go to
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college, like my son. we can spend anywhere from $40,000-$50,000 per year. these kids are coming out of college and some of them just don't get jobs. why can't we keep some of these great jobs in america and start exporting them to china and all these other places? why can't we lower the tax brackets for the major corporations to keep the jobs here? let them be profitable and let us bring the young folk so they can survive. instead of paying rent, they can buy homes. gov. christie: you are singing my song, man. i am with you. [applause] by the way, this is something that is personal to me and very passionate. we have two children in college right now. our oldest son, andrew, is getting ready to start his senior year at princeton and he is nervous about getting a job. for that school, we are paying
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$60,000 a year and our daughter, sarah, is going to be a sophomore at notre dame. we are dropping her off this weekend. that school $62,000 year. in my five days off, we were just writing those checks. i'm glad the gravity center. [laughter] my wallet is much lighter than it was before, so i need this extra gravity in new boston. here is what i propose. i put forward a specific plan. for all the plants i talk about, you can go to my website. they are all detail there. if you are having trouble sleeping, it will help you. it will give you all the detail you need. i will start with where you are. we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. how was it that 35% -- how was it that the country that perfected the free enterprise
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system now is the greatest taxer of the free enterprises to in the world? it's crazy. it's because we have a president who believes that all wisdom and answers reside in washington dc and he gets to pick the winners and losers. the way he does that is tax all .f us i say we lower the tax rate to 25%. we don't have to be the lowest rate, that if we are competitive we will keep a lumpy jobs. we need to lower the individual tax rate in this country. we cannot do that cheaply. it will cost us doing other things. loopholes inl the deductions except for two -- the mortgage deduction and charitable donation deduction. all the rest of them, goodbye. lower the rate to 28% at the
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highest rate and only have three rates. 28% is the highest, a percent is the lowest. pick one rate in the middle. i'll negotiate. imagine. rates that low, how much more of your on money you would be able to keep. you know that they tax code right now is rich for the rich. it is. it's rigged for the wealthy because the wealthy are the ones who use most of those loopholes and deductions. let's get rid of them. the wealthy have never done better than they have under barack obama. ever. amazing, right? the guy who complaints all the time about income inequality in the wealthy are better under barack obama than any other time. imagine how quickly you would do your taxes. here is how much you made. here's how much you paid in mortgaged interest. here's how much you paid to
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charity. done, and in 50 minutes you paid your taxes. not only will it lower your anxiety, but can you imagine how many people i can fire from the irs when i do that? [applause] that is going to create economic activity as well, to help create jobs. the third pieces regulation. this president has regulated or than any other president in united states history. last years alone they had 81,000 pages of new federal regulation in one year. the business administration says that the cost of federal regulation for each small business in this country is $10,000 per employee. that is a hidden tax that every small business owner, whether you are not ice cream shop or bicycle shop, whether you are a garage that repairs cars were no matter who you are, $10,000 per employee to comply with federal
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regulation. we're going to do the same thing i did as governor of new jersey. same kind of mess. , big democrat liberal that i replaced as governor. that is all you need to know but what i confronted. day one, freeze any regulation from theegulation state in 90 days. out to say which are the worst regulations that are costing you the most, giving you the least benefit, driving you the most crazy? give us the list and we will get rid of them. in my first year we got rid of 1/3 of the regulations with one stroke of the pen. we can do the same thing as president. [applause] i guarantee that will be executive order number one. eyesre eyes -- close your
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in the oval office in 2017. i walk in and go, oh, my god, i'm here. then i will sit down and sign the order freezing any regulation from the federal government and setting the vice president out to hold a series of public weeks to find out which federal regulations are the ones that are absolutely restricting our ability to create more jobs in this country. when he or she comes back with that list, then we will get rid of them the same way i got rid of them in new jersey. that is how we will create jobs in the country. the last pieces energy policy. the energyhave policy that says we will exploit the options that we have, make energy costs lawyer. that is what brings manufacturing jobs back. the manufacturing jobs that went to china and mexico went there because of cost of energy.
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we don't want to change cost of labor because i don't want people making minimum money that won't help them at the lifestyle they need in this country. we can now compete and win on energy costs if we get natural gas from out from under the ground, have greater investment in alternative energy, and lower the cost of energy in the country. manufacturing jobs will come back because we have skilled labor in the country to do it and they will pay for that. we could be much lower than china or mexico on the energy front. that's the way we create jobs. that is in the plan that i put out. that is what i will do as president of united states, help us get jobs. [applause] yes, ma'am. back there. >> thank you. i was wondering if you could speak, to piggyback off that question, regarding college education and the cost and rising cost.
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we have two daughters and i'm sure many people here share the same concerns. how can our children get a college education and not be swamped with that when they graduate? how can we avoid sending all of our -- spending all retirement and remortgage our house? gov. christie: this is an issue i talked about a lot. i will start were ended on the college question. mary pat and i have two children in college. we understand what you are talking about. eight or nine weeks ago we got this letter from the university of notre dame. it was great. from father jenkins, president. the first paragraph was something like this -- we want to thank you for the blessing of entrusting your child's soul to us here at the university of notre dame for education of the next four years. from a priest, right?
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you could hear the music from "rudy" in the background as you are reading a paragraph. [laughter] you can see touchdown jesus, the golden zone, the whole thing. my heart is pounding. of course because he is a priest, the is the money paragraph. -- the next paragraph is the money paragraph. i'm a catholic. i know. the tuition at notre dame will increase only 3.9%. inflation is 1.5%. only 3.9%. here's the kicker -- which he says is the lowest rate of increase in 40 years. think about that. in tuition increase is the lowest annual increase at notre dame in 40 years. it is insane. let's talk about a few things about how we make college more affordable. first is when our students take out loans, they should be able to renegotiate loans down.
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right now they're not allowed to do that. that is wrong. the federal government is making money off of student loans because they are charging 7% and borrow the money at 2%-3%. that is not right. you can refinance your car loan. the reason these kids should not be able to refinance their loans to bring down costs. we should give than the national service option to work this stuff all. not just military service, but a national service option. if you want to invest a number of years at the graduate, serving your country in various capacity, you can pay off your loan through service. i think that is an option for a lot of kids that they will want to take and give them great experience in addition to that, especially to this gentleman's question about the job market being tighter. this is a way they can be productive and get that debt off their back. i think the shame of this is
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that we except the bills we get from colleges. i said this past week i just paid the bills, right? it is ridiculous, this bill. board, other and fees. [laughter] that is what the whole bill says. and then there's a $61,000 bill. if you want to molly's tonight, when in and had dinner, if you had a bill for $100 and all the check had was food, $100, you would call the waiter back over and go, excuse me, could you detail this out for me so i know exactly what each thing costs and what i got to make sure that what you say i got i actually got? we do that for a $100 bill. we don't do that for a $61,000 bill for a college. we except this three-line bill.
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first they need to detail what they are spending their money on to us. not talk about -- i talked about this in new hampshire. my daughter sarah was with me and i said for instance, what if you found out that 1% of the budget was spent building a rockclimbing wall? i thought this was a ridiculous thing, right? my daughter grassley from behind and says, um, we are ready have -- grabs me from behind and s ays, um, we are he have a rockclimbing wall. i know my daughter. one thing i know is that she is not climbing the rockclimbing wall. skills, a lotof of talent, one of them is not the rock climbing wall. if they had to tell us the money they spent on, they would be embarrassed and i think we would see those feeds being reduced. they need to give us a chance to unbuckle that bill. collegedaughter goes to
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and says that, i am not into the extracurricular scene. i go to my room and i were, i go to the library, -- i work, i go to the library, that is what i do. that is, of course, not true. [laughter] in dad's perfect world, right? you have a lot of kids who commute to school, live at home. why can't you pay for what you are going to use? why not unbundle it and give a checklist? this would be a great market tax on what they've provided. if 85% of the students say i don't want to pay for this, maybe you shouldn't have built it in the first place and maybe you shouldn't build a second one next time. right now what is happening is there is no market forces on college tuition. the reason is us. our daughter goes to notre dame. she loves it. i mean, she loves it. she sends pictures to my phone.
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dad, look how beautiful the golden dome looks today. look at first down moses. look at touchdown jesus. she sends pictures as she walks around campus. she told me as she came home for christmas break, i have noxious the love my school. it warms a father's heart. but when the bill came in -- imagine i came to the conclusion that notre dame is not a value anymore. for what i am paying, i'm not getting enough in return. imagine that conversation with my 19-year-old daughter. sarah, i know you love that school, but we think school x is a better value so you are leading notre dame. i don't know how many of you in this audience have teenage daughters, but i suspect you would agree with me that after the crying and the "i can't believe you're ruining my life" and the stamping of feet and running to her room and slamming of the door, you know that if it
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is in anyway possible, you and i are sending her back to notre dame because we know she is happy there and we do know she is getting good education. we want for the best for our children, and they know it. they know they've got us. how would i do this unbuckling and make sure it happens in greater detail? here is the kicker. if we don't do those things, you cannot have students at your school's that participate in federal grant and loan problems. if you want taxpayer money, you have to be transparent and give your kids choices to lower costs. [applause] that's the way i go about it. unfortunately for you and i, it may be too late. i won't be president for another 17 or 18 months. it may be a little too late. yes, ma'am. right there. >> thanks, governor christie. i have two very essential questions for the future of our
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country. one, what is your favorite bruce springsteen song? [laughter] number two, what is your favorite pizzeria in new jersey? gov. christie: all right. this is someone obviously who knows things important to new jersey and mean presley. my favorite bruce springsteen song is "thunder road." it is the first song on my favorite album, which is "born to run." if you have access to this song, this would be a new jersey favor you can do for me. go home tonight and listen to " thunder road." it starts right at the very beginning. close your eyes and listen to those first few notes of thunder road and it sounds like a song that is welcoming you in. welcoming you into a new world you will explore over the next eight songs with this guy. oh, heck no.
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[laughter] there was a request for me to sing. i will do almost anything, as you know and have seen on television a number of times. singing archipelago? capella?g a no. not good for me, not for you. favorite pizzeria, one from my youth and one current. of my youth is a place called camarades. they made the best pepperoni pizza i ever had my life. my mother used to buy that for us on fridays, not on went, fridays -- not on lent. on lent we couldn't have pepperoni. she said i'm not cooking on fridays. she got pizza and we love it. we have a great pizza place in her own town called dante's. our kids love that pizza.
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i'm eating less pizza than i used to, unfortunately, but those would be our first two pizzerias. i will say one last thing. -- russongsteen, spring stream, "born to run," two weeks ago it was the 40th anniversary of the release of "born to run." i remember being a 12-year-old kid in new jersey and going to sam goody's record store, woman used to have record stores, right? two sam goody's record store and going in and buying that album and opening it up and seeing this incredible picture of this young bearded guy in a black leather jacket and a big african-american saxophone player and i listen to the song and the thing that made it different for me was because being from new jersey, we get picked on. i listen to those songs. those were songs about people i
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knew and places i knew. when bruce was later on the cover of "time" and "new sweek," he was no longer our little hero. it was a national figure. agree on twond i or three political things on a good day, yes become a front over time and was incredibly helpful during hurricane sandy. i got to know him during that time and he and his wife and his kids are great representatives of new jersey, even though we represent different parties. thank you for asking me about mr. springsteen. [applause] this guy right here. the nike hat. >> good evening, governor. we know our partnership with the global fund to fight aids, malaria, and tuberculosis has a proven track record of success. they save about 100,000 lives a month.
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we have the resources to end these academics. what we lack is the political will. -- these epidemics. what we lack is the political will. president, 1/3 of the national fund? gov. christie: yes, i will. if you talk to leaders in that movement like i have, bono from u2 has been one of the largest voices in the fight against aids around the world, a guy named ray chambers, who has been leading the fight in raising money to fight malaria in africa come a wealthy and successful guy in my state, i'm really proud of the fact that these are all republicans who have led this fight. quite frankly, i have to tell you that democrats tend to give this lip service and republicans tend to write checks.
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as long as we have a way to cure and treat these diseases and save lives that we can walk away from that. world needlessly. when we take on that fight, is to say that is why we have to protect the patent and the profitability of our pharmaceutical companies in this country. it is the american pharmaceutical companies, in the main, that taking the risks and invested the money to develop these treatments. that are possibly attacking those corporations and belittling them and yelling about their profit when they are the ones that take the risk and put billions of dollars into research and development. my deal with the american people would be this -- i am happy to


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